3. H2 Migration Tool

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H2MigrationTool is a Java Application for migrating H2 Database Files from older into newer versions. It will export an existing database to SQL using an old H2 Driver and then create a new Database using the new Driver. It also supports the Recovery of corrupted Databases and direct creation from SQL scripts.

Latest stable release: H2MigrationTool-1.6-all.jar

Development version: H2MigrationTool-1.7-SNAPSHOT-all.jar

GitHub Repository

Sample SQL Statement
java -jar H2MigrationTool.jar                       \
    -l /home/are/Downloads/h2-libs                  \
    -f 1.4.199 -t 2.0.201 -d /home/are/databases    \
    -c ZIP -o VARIABLE_BINARY                       \

java -cp H2MigrationTool.jar com.manticore.Recovery \
    -f 1.3.176                                      \
    -d /home/are/databases/riskbox.h2.db


  • Migrate H2 Database via the Export to Script and Create from Script commands, using old and new H2 Drivers for each

  • Recover H2 Databases via the H2 Recovery Tool

  • Fat JAR including all relevant H2 Drivers

  • UI Graphical User Interface

  • CLI Command Line Interface

  • File or Directory operation

  • Compression (Zip or GZip)