1. Java SQL Formatting Library

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Platform independent SQL Formatter, Beautifier and Pretty Printer by Manticore Projects.

Latest stable release: jsqlformatter-4.9.jar

Development version: jsqlformatter-4.10-SNAPSHOT.jar

GitHub Repository


  • based on JSQLParser

  • supports complex SELECT, INSERT INTO, MERGE, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, ALTER statements

  • Syntax highlighting (ANSI, HTML, RTF)

  • Command Line Options (CLI) and SQL Inline Formatting Options

    • Indent Width

    • Comma Before or After

    • Upper/Lower/Camel-Case Spelling of Keywords, Functions and Object Names

  • Import from Java String or StringBuilder Code preserving variables

  • Export to Java String, StringBuilder or MessageFormat handling variables


  • Java Library (JAR)

  • Native Static Binary or Dynamic Library for Windows, Linux or MacOS

  • Netbeans Plugin (Other platforms such as Eclipse, JEdit, Squirrel SQL, DBeaver coming soon)