2. Java SQL Transpiler Library

A pure Java stand-alone SQL Transpiler for translating various large RDBMS SQL Dialects into a few smaller RDBMS Dialects for Unit Testing. Based on JSQLParser.

Supports SELECT queries as well as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and MERGE statements.

Internal Functions will be rewritten based on the actual meaning and purpose of the function (since DuckDB Any() function does not necessarily behave like the RDBMS specific Any()). Respecting different function arguments count, order and type.

Rewrite of Window- and Aggregate-Functions.

Latest stable release: JSQLTranspiler-0.4.jar

Development version: JSQLTranspiler-0.5-SNAPSHOT.jar

Google BigQuery specific Statement
-- Google BigQuery
    DATE(2016, 12, 25) AS date_ymd,
    DATE(DATETIME '2016-12-25 23:59:59') AS date_dt,
    DATE(TIMESTAMP '2016-12-25 05:30:00+07', 'America/Los_Angeles') AS date_tstz;

-- Rewritten DuckDB compliant statement
  MAKE_DATE(2016, 12, 25) AS date_ymd,
  CAST(DATETIME '2016-12-25 23:59:59' AS DATE) AS date_dt,
  CAST(TIMESTAMP '2016-12-25 05:30:00+07' AS DATE) AS date_tstz;

-- Tally

-- Result

SQL Dialects

JSQLTranspiler will understand the following Big RDBMS dialects:

  • Google BigQuery

  • Databricks

  • Snowflake

  • Amazon Redshift

It will rewrite into to the following small RDBMS dialects:

  • DuckDB

  • planned: H2

  • planned: HyperSQL

  • planned: Apache Derby


  • Comprehensive support for Query statements:
    • SELECT ...

    • RDBMS specific Functions, Predicates and Operators

    • Date and Number formatting parameters

    • ARRAY access based on different indices (DuckDB starts with 1)

  • INSERT statements

  • DELETE statements

  • UPDATE statements

  • MERGE statements

  • Nested Expressions (e.g. Sub-Selects)

  • WITH clauses

  • PostgreSQL implicit CAST ::

  • SQL Parameters (e.g. ? or :parameter)

  • Internal Function rewrite based on the actual meaning and purpose of the function (since DuckDB Any() is not always RDBMS specific Any())