2. Java SQL Transpiler Library

A pure Java stand-alone SQL Transpiler for translating various large RDBMS SQL Dialects into a few smaller RDBMS Dialects for Unit Testing. Based on JSQLParser.

Focus is on Queries (only) and work is on progress based on the [Feature Matrix](src/main/resources/doc/JSQLTranspiler.ods).

Latest stable release: JSQLTranspiler-0.1.jar

Development version: JSQLTranspiler-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar

Google BigQuery specific Statement
-- Google BigQuery
    DATE(2016, 12, 25) AS date_ymd,
    DATE(DATETIME '2016-12-25 23:59:59') AS date_dt,
    DATE(TIMESTAMP '2016-12-25 05:30:00+07', 'America/Los_Angeles') AS date_tstz;

-- Rewritten DuckDB compliant statement
  MAKE_DATE(2016, 12, 25) AS date_ymd,
  CAST(DATETIME '2016-12-25 23:59:59' AS DATE) AS date_dt,
  CAST(TIMESTAMP '2016-12-25 05:30:00+07' AS DATE) AS date_tstz;

-- Tally

-- Result

SQL Dialects

JSQLTranspiler will understand the following Big RDBMS dialects:

  • Google BigQuery

  • Databricks

  • Snowflake

  • Amazon Redshift

It will rewrite into to the following small RDBMS dialects:

  • DuckDB

  • planned: H2

  • planned: HyperSQL

  • planned: Apache Derby


  • Comprehensive support for Query statements:
    • SELECT ...

    • RDBMS specific Functions, Predicates and Operators

    • Date formatting parameter

  • Nested Expressions (e.g. Sub-Selects)

  • WITH clauses

  • PostgreSQL implicit CAST ::

  • SQL Parameters (e.g. ? or :parameter)

  • Arrays and JSON/XML