2. Presto SQL:2016 Parser Library

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Presto SQL:2016 Parser is a SQL statement parser built from JavaCC. It translates SQLs in a traversable hierarchy of Java classes.

Latest stable release: SQL2016Parser-0.1.jar

Development version: SQL2016Parser-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar

SQL Dialects

Presto SQL:2016 Parser is SQL:2016 compliant and provides support various RDBMS such as:

  • Oracle Database

  • MS SqlServer

  • MySQL and MariaDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • H2

Although support for specific dialects is work in progress and has not been implemented yet.


  • Comprehensive support for statements:
    • QUERY: SELECT ...

    • DML: INSERT ... INTO ... UPDATE ... MERGE ... INTO ... DELETE ... FROM ...

    • DDL: CREATE ... ALTER ... DROP ...

  • Nested Expressions (e.g. Sub-Selects)

  • WITH clauses

  • Un-Parser for a Statement AST Node

  • Can generate both Java and C++ Parser/Unparser