4. ETL VBox

Software for automated electronic import and export of data — including algorithmic transformation, validation and enrichment. ETL VBox is the back-bone of the VBox Software Suite and features a Job Scheduler, Scripting and a Report Builder.

4.1. RDBMS compatibility

  • Oracle

  • MS SQL Server

  • IBM DB2

  • PostgreSQL

  • Sybase

  • Firebird

  • MySQL and MariaDB

  • Support for DB Links and Remote Tables as well as Row by Row transfer

VBox will also read data from Spreadsheets (MS Excel, CSV) and JSON/XML Files and ASCII Flat files. It provides the users with the upload of missing data via Data Capture Sheets.

4.2. Scripting

  • Groovy

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • Closure

  • R

4.3. Operation Modes

  • On Demand, interactively via the UI

  • Autonomously, scheduled via Cron Job in a Terminal Shell (“headless” without an UI)

  • Configurable Parameters and Default Settings

  • Configurable Error Logging

  • High performance with very low overhead

4.4. Documentation

  • Integrated ETL Builder

  • ETL Logic is stored in human readable XML Files

  • Integrated Revision Control System (based on GIT)

  • Export to PDF