6. Implementation Approach

6.1. Experience and Know How

We are a team of veteran bankers, who worked for many years in European Whole Sale Banks in Loan Administration, Treasury and Risk Controlling. We do understand the banking business, its culture and the ever increasing and evolving compliance challenges of presenting timely and accurate financial reports to the Regulator, the Board and the Investors.

While manticore provides software solutions to support compliance, manticore also provides consultancy to help clients achieve more efficient and robust business processes.

Our team of experts have all implemented large IFRS and/or Risk projects with banks, before bringing this experience to manticore-projects. We know the dynamics and and challenges of software projects and proactively control and mitigate such risk on behalf of our customers.

We are the experts who implement Financial and Regulatory Reporting on a daily basis. It is our duty to identify any gaps or issues before they become a problem and to provide a solution from our sterling toolbox. We advise our clients on best practice and provide them with solution templates with best market practice gleaned from many financial institutions all over the world.

IFRS Implementation Plan

IFRS Implementation Plan

6.2. Product Philosophy

Our products are developed under two simple premises:

  • Software needs to follow and support the Bank’s business process and products.

  • Software shall save the Bank time and effort and reduce Operational Risk.

Manticore’s software is completely platform independent and integrates well into the existing System Architecture, as it does not depend on any Third Party Components. Furthermore it runs automatic End-to-End and Overnight in the background and does not require interaction or attention.

The VBox solution provides robust fail-over and roll-back capabilities and strong security mechanisms. All our modules are audited and manticore provides the source code for review and “in-house” development.

At manticore everybody works with our own software on a daily basis and feeds back any sub-optimal experience directly into the development cycle. Continuous refactoring and evolution ensures the longest possible software life cycle to protect our client’s investment.

6.3. Track Record of Success

The list of IFRS business challenges we address in financial institutions daily includes but is not limited to a litany of legacy software, undocumented data sources, unstable networks and changing interpretations.

In the past manticore successfully has rescued a number of clients from failed implementations of other systems and so has achieved the enviable reputation in some markets as the “Go To” vendor to help banks get out of difficult and failing IFRS and Risk Reporting related projects.

Today our clients are large Wholesale Banks with more than 4 millions of customer accounts and an annual growth of more than 10 percent. We are very proud that each of our clients are willing and able to provide us with excellent references.

Success Factor

Implementation Success Factors